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Wear a Face Mask When Flying Into Washington D.C.

January 16, 2021 • 12:54 pm CST
(Vax Before Travel)

A passenger on an American Airlines flight traveling to Washington, D.C., became hostile when she refused to wear her face mask properly, reported WCNC on January 12, 2021. When flight attendants asked her to fix it, she refused. Then, the Federal Air Marshall stepped took control of the situation.

Once the flight landed, American Airlines said the passenger was escorted off the D.C. Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police plane. The passenger is also being placed on the airline's “no-fly list” pending further investigation. At this time, the passenger's name has not been made public.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department's primary responsibility is to provide superior service to all traveling within its jurisdiction. The airport continues to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and remains in close coordination with federal partners.

'We are following all CDC-recommended protocols and have shared with our employees' important information provided about the coronavirus and following the recommendations on healthy habits, such as hand-washing and covering your cough,' says the Authority's website.