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Which COVID-19 Vaccine Did You Get?

June 5, 2021 • 11:03 am CDT
(Vax Before Travel)

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance for people vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine outside the United States.

The CDC says 'people vaccinated outside the USA with a U.S. FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine and have received all the recommended doses do not need any additional doses.

And people who received the first dose of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine that requires two doses do not need to restart the vaccine series in the United States but should receive the second dose as close to the recommended time as possible.

However, some people may have received a COVID-19 vaccine that is not currently authorized in the USA. There are about 13 non-FDA Authorized vaccines available globally. 

The CDC says it does not have data on the safety or efficacy of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine currently authorized in the USA after receiving a non-U.S. FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

Moreover, in some circumstances, people who received a COVID-19 vaccine not currently authorized in the USA may be offered revaccination with an FDA-authorized vaccine.

People who received all or some of the recommended doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that is neither authorized by the FDA nor listed for emergency use by WHO may be offered a complete FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine series.

Furthermore, various countries require travel-related vaccinations such as yellow fever before entering or departing.

Most health agencies suggest speaking with a healthcare provider when considering these vaccination options. 

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