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Northern Hemisphere Flu Shots Missing the Mark

December 19, 2021 • 5:26 am CST
(Vax Before Travel)

According to a new study, this flu season's egg-based influenza vaccines are less effective against a 'unique H3N2 clade virus.'

And the antibodies generated from the Northern Hemisphere flu vaccine poorly neutralized the new H3N2.

'While cases of 2a2 H3N2 infections are quickly rising in the U.S. and other parts of the world, it is possible that other clades may become predominant in 2022,' stated these researchers on December 16, 2021.

'Previous studies indicate flu shots consistently prevent hospitalizations and deaths even in years where there are large antigenic mismatches.'

Furthermore, 'flu shots could be crucial for reducing COVID-19 hospitalizations as H3N2 viruses co-circulate in 2022.'

The WHO announced on September 24, 2021, the composition of influenza virus vaccines for use in the 2022 southern hemisphere influenza season.

Additionally, the WHO reports current influenza trends at this link.