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Can Vaccinations Curtail Monkeypox Outbreaks?

June 13, 2022 • 8:27 am CDT
(Vax Before Travel)

The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced today the detection of 104 additional monkeypox (MPX) patients in England, increasing the total number of confirmed patients in the U.K. to 470. 

There are currently 452 confirmed MPX patients in England.

The UKHSA published its first technical briefing on the ongoing monkeypox outbreak last week.

This first UKHSA analysis includes updated epidemiological data, with evidence from anonymized detailed interviews with patients to determine how to target interventions.

Since May 2022, the U.K has been offering MPX patient's close-contacts the JYNNEOS® (IMVANEX®, Europe; IMVAMUNE®, Canada) vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency EMEA/H/C/002596 approved this monkeypox vaccine in 2013.

Previously, the ECDC reported as of June 9, 2022, 783 confirmed cases of monkeypox had been reported from 19 EU/EEA Member States: Portugal (209), Spain (198), Germany (131), France (66), Netherlands (60), Italy (50), Belgium (24), Ireland (15), Czechia (6), Slovenia (6), Sweden (5), Denmark (3), Finland (2), Latvia (2), Norway (2), Austria (1), Greece (1), Hungary (1) and Malta (1).

And on June 11, 2022, Toronto Public Health confirmed 11 cases and began holding vaccination clinics to immunize high-risk individuals against the monkeypox virus.

In the USA, as of June 10, 2022, the U.S. CDC had confirmed monkeypox/orthopoxvirus cases totaling 49.

The U.S. FDA Approved the Jynneos vaccine in 2019, and the U.S. CDC has been distributing it since May 2022.

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