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The WHO Fumbles Finding the Flu

September 21, 2022 • 4:00 pm CDT
WHO Influenza Update N° 428
(Vax Before Travel)

The World Health Organization (WHO) continued its reporting on the 2022 influenza season in 102 countries without much success. 

The WHO's Influenza Update N° 428 was published on September 19, 2022, saying 'influenza activity remained low worldwide. Generally, most countries' activity has decreased or remained low during this reporting period.'

Specifically, this week's report confirmed what the U.S. CDC found last week.

In the countries of North America, influenza activity remained at inter-seasonal levels as typically observed at this time of year.

The CDC's report for Week #36 of the 2021-2022 Influenza Season, issued on September 16, 2022, confirmed of the 40,698 specimens tested for influenza, only 279 (0.7%) were positive.

When looking for influenza cases in the Southern Hemisphere, the overall influenza activity appeared to decrease further as the flu season comes to an end.

For example, in the tropical countries of South America, influenza detections were low.

And in Oceania, which includes Australia, detections of primarily influenza A(H3N2) decreased overall, and influenza-like activity (ILI) activity was at low levels in most Pacific Island countries.

Even in the Caribbean and Central American countries, low influenza activity was reported by the WHO.

The Global Influenza Programme monitors influenza activity worldwide and publishes an update every two weeks. Today's updates are based on available epidemiological and virological data sources.

While the data indicates influenza viruses are hard to find, history has shown the flu outbreaks can start as early as October each year.

This indicates it is best to be prepared to fight off this very infectious respiratory disease.

The CDC strongly suggests that most people over six months get an annual flu shot early in the influenza season.

Flu shots are available in the USA at most clinics and local pharmacies.

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