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Ebola Superspreader Event Refuted

November 21, 2022 • 8:33 am CST
2022 Kampala Marathon
(Vax Before Travel)

The Twitter Account of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uganda posted a response to media inquiries regarding last weekend's running event (@mtnug) held in the capital city of Kampala.

This Ministry wrote that it would like to categorically state that the 2022 MTN Kampala Marathon was not a Sudan Ebolavirus (SUDV) superspreader, as no participant presented with any Ebola symptoms.

Unlike COVID-19, Ebola transmission is the greatest when patients are symptomatic and in close contact.

Furthermore, air passengers in Kampala are screened before boarding international flights.

As of November 21, 2022, Uganda has reported 141 ebola patients and 55 related fatalities in this SUDV outbreak that began in Spetmebt 2022.

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