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Visiting Mars Includes Various 3D Meal Options

January 8, 2023 • 4:45 pm CST
from Pixabay
(Vax Before Travel)

Interesting Engineering (IE) reported today that while attending the Consumer's Electronic Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, it learned the kind of solutions being developed to provide humans food during space flight to Mars.

One solution that stood out was turning plastic into consumable food during the long trip.

NASA says if a spacecraft departs Earth at a speed of about 24,600 mph, the trip to Mars will take about seven months.

To feed inter-galaxy travelers, Columbus, OH-based Beehex is developing deep-space food solutions using various 3D-printed food technologies in microgravity.

"So if you want to create steak out of plastic, the entire mechanism on one side of this container will be able to produce steak out of plastic- or chicken breasts," wrote IE.

Typically, BeeHex's 3D decoration equipment allows bakeries to produce decorated cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more with high speed and precision.

The full IE article is posted at this link.

As of January 8, 2023, the U.S. CDC has not posted vaccination recommendations for when people visit Mars.