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Ebola Outbreak Concern Reported in Western Africa

February 11, 2023 • 8:01 pm CST
Republic of Equatorial Guinea 2023
(Vax Before Travel)

An outbreak of an undefined disease that has killed several people in Equatorial Guinea was reported on February 8, 2023, according to a Health Alert issued by the U.S. Embassy in Malabo.

The Government of Equatorial Guinea (EG) announced that over the past month, there had been an epidemiological outbreak of an unidentified disease in the Nsok Nsomo district of the Kie-Ntem province in the mainland region.

In a statement, EG said that travel restrictions had been imposed in "view of the high risk of importation of this disease.

According to preliminary investigations, these fatalities were linked to a funeral ceremony.

In reaction, the neighboring country of Cameroon has restricted movement along its border with Equatorial Guinea.

This area of Africa has been involved with numerous Ebolavirus outbreaks over the past decade.

The Republic of EG is located on Africa's west coast, consisting of Río Muni and five islands.

The local U.S. Embassy website has not posted an alert regarding this situation as of February 11, 2023, but does say in case of emergency, American citizens have access to an after-hours help line: (+240) 555-516 008.