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Spain's Balearic Island Reconfirms Dengue Risk

March 7, 2023 • 1:49 pm CST
by Lutz Hirschmann
(Vax Before Travel)

Charlotte Elton with EuroNews today reported Ibiza health officials are urging tourists to be on alert for symptoms of a Dengue infection.

The scenic Balearic Island, located off Spain's east coast, has recently experienced several dengue outbreaks.

For example, a message from Germany in 2023 alerted Spain to six cases of native dengue reported between May and November last year. 

The Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES) recently confirmed one of the potential carriers of dengue is the Aedes albopictus or tiger mosquito.

These mosquitoes are found throughout the Spanish Mediterranean, northern Spain, including France.

From May to December 9, 2022, 272 imported cases of dengue fever were identified in metropolitan France, most from implantation by Aedes albopictus.

In addition to Europe's dengue outbreaks, several countries have reported dengue cases in 2023, including south Florida in the U.S.

Dengue can take up to two weeks to develop, with the illness generally lasting less than a week, says the U.S. CDC.

Health effects from dengue include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, rash, muscle and joint pain, and minor bleeding. And dengue can become severe within a few hours.

Severe dengue is a medical emergency, usually requiring hospitalization.

Dengue is a vaccine-preventable disease. And there are two dengue vaccines available in specific countries.