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Dengue Antiviral Advances in Clinical Study

March 18, 2023 • 11:35 am CDT
by Andrew from Pixabay
(Vax Before Travel)

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson recently announced an early-stage antiviral candidate (JNJ-1802) provides strong protection against dengue in non-human primates and mice.

The new data indicate JNJ-1802 is effective against all four dengue serotypes in mouse models and provides strong protection against two tested serotypes (DENV-1 and -2) in non-human primates.

The first-in-class antiviral, which was shown to be safe and well tolerated in a first-in-human clinical study, is progressing into Phase 2 clinical studies for the prevention and treatment of dengue.

"The unprecedented rise in dengue outbreaks throughout the past years offers a glimpse of what lies ahead ....." said Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, M.D., Ph.D., Global Head, Global Public Health R&D at Janssen Research & Development, LLC, in a press release on March 15, 2023.

"We know an antiviral will be critical to addressing the unmet needs today and tomorrow."

The peer-review journal Nature published this study: Blocking NS3–NS4B interaction inhibits dengue virus in non-human primates. These findings support the further clinical development of JNJ-1802, a first-in-class antiviral agent against dengue, which is now progressing in clinical studies to prevent and treat dengue.