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Mpox Outbreaks Escalate

May 5, 2023 • 3:23 pm CDT
U.S. CDC Mpox outbreaks May 2023
(Vax Before Travel)

The World Health Organization (WHO) Africa Region recently reported new Mpox cases were reported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and other countries in the past two weeks.

Of reported Mpox cases as of April 30, 2023, 106 new cases were reported from the DRC, two from Nigeria, two from Liberia, and one from Ghana on 

Since the start of 2023, DRC has reported 277 laboratory-confirmed cases.

Nineteen (19) Mpox-related fatalities have been reported in the African region since 2022 from Nigeria (9), Ghana (4), Cameroon (3), Central African Republic (1), Mozambique (1), and Sudan (1).

And in the European Region, 17 cases of mpox have been identified from 8 countries and areas over the past four weeks.

Throughout the Mpox outbreak identified in May 2022, 45 countries and areas throughout the European Region have reported cases.

In the U.S., the CDC has reported 30,361 Mpox cases and 42 related fatalities.

As of May 5, 2023, Mpox vaccines, testing, and treatments remain available in most countries.