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Haiti's High-level Travel Advisory Reissued

May 17, 2023 • 4:04 pm CDT
U.S. Dept. of State Haiti May 17, 2023
(Vax Before Travel)

The U.S. Department of Stated today reissued its Level 4: Do Not Travel for the Republic of Haiti due to civil unrest.

Announced on May 17, 2023, the Department of States says U.S. citizens in Haiti should consider departing Haiti by commercial or other privately available transportation options in light of the current security situation and infrastructure challenges.

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince suspended employee travel to Cap Haitien from May 17-21, 2023.

And U.S. citizens wishing to depart Port-au-Prince should monitor local news and only do so when considered safe.

Furthermore, U.S. government personnel are discouraged from walking in Port-au-Prince.

And only family members over the age of 18 are permitted to accompany U.S. government employees assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

From a health perspective, the Haitian Ministry of Health and Population recently confirmed an ongoing cholera outbreak.

Additionally, the U.S. CDC recommends various travel vaccinations, such as typhoid and yellow fever.

Other Disease Hot Spots are posted by Vax-Before-Travel.

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