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Visiting Costa Rica is More Expensive

July 4, 2023 • 3:06 pm CDT
(Vax Before Travel)

The Tico Times recently reported the Republic of Costa Rica increased its value-added tax (VAT) rate established in Law No. 9882.

Beginning on July 1, 2023, the local VAT was increased from 8% to 13% on the tourism industry.

The list of services for which VAT must be charged is available at the Ministry of Finance ( A VAT is a consumption tax assessed on the value added in each good or service production stage.

The Association of Tourist Transporters of Costa Rica (ASTRONATUR) president describes it as “painful” for businesses and consumers, emphasizing that it will take a toll on the tourism sector’s finances.

Regarding health concerns, the U.S. CDC issued a Level 2 - Practice Enhanced Precautions Travel Health Notice in April 2023 regarding a malaria outbreak in Costa Rica.

Other Costa Rica travel news regarding vaccinations, safety, and malaria and dengue outbreaks is posted by Vax-Before-Travel.

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