Google Maps Identifies Virus-Avoidance Travel Options

Google Maps alerts travelers with coronavirus pandemic information
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Getting from A to B can be more complicated these days because of the COVID-19 disease pandemic. 

Google said on June 8, 2020, ‘it’s increasingly important to know how crowded a train station might be at a particular time or whether the bus is running on a limited schedule.’

‘Having this information before and during your trip is critical for both essential workers who need to safely navigate to work and will become more important for everyone as countries around the world begin to reopen.’

In the latest release of Google Maps, Google introduced features that make it easy to find important information when traveling by car or public transportation.

Google’s new blog post continues to say ‘When you look up public transit directions for a trip that is likely to be affected by COVID-19 restrictions, we’ll show relevant alerts from local transit agencies.’

‘These alerts can help you prepare accordingly if government mandates impact transit services or require you to wear a mask on public transportation.’ 

Transit alerts are rolling out in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the USA where we have information from local transit agencies, with more coming soon.’

Google is also introducing driving alerts to notify you about COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions along your route, like when crossing national borders (starting first in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.). 

You’ll see an alert on the directions screen and after starting navigation if your route is impacted by these restrictions. 

When navigating to medical facilities or COVID-19 testing centers, Google displays an alert reminding you to verify eligibility and facility guidelines to avoid being turned away or causing additional strain on the local healthcare system. 

Starting this week, alerts for medical facilities will be available in Indonesia, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea, and the U.S., and testing center alerts will be available in the U.S.

Google is showing these alerts where they received authoritative data from local, state and federal governments or from their websites, and are actively working with other agencies around the world to bring even more of this helpful data to users in Google Maps.

‘The COVID-19 (pandemic) has certainly impacted the way that we move around in the world. As cities and countries across the globe adapt, we’re committed to bringing the most pertinent information right to your fingertips.’ 

‘So when you’re ready and able to, you can safely venture out,’ concluded this Google blog post.

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