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USAID funded digital solutions will empower Ethiopian doctors, nurses, health extension workers, and policy-makers to utilize technology more effectively
children jumping rope
J&J Janssen Ebola Zaire vaccine regimen offered to Rwanda residents
dolphins at micronesian island
Federated States of Micronesian students must present yellow card vaccination information
malaysia downtown city
Polio cVDPV type 1 circulation detected in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea during 2019
young kenyan men
Mosquirix RTS,S vaccine triggers human immune systems to defend against the stages of malaria when the Plasmodium falciparum parasite enters the bloodstream
3 boys in native nepal dress
Typbar typhoid conjugate vaccine TCV shown to be 81 percent safe and effective in reducing typhoid in children
Gavi to expand Ebola Zaire vaccine stockpile with $178 million dollars
white netting
Innovative bednet kills malaria carrying mosquitoes while minimizing risk to the person sleeping inside the net
monkeys in africa
UK monkeypox patient may have contracted the infection while visiting Nigeria Africa
pacific islands sun set
Asia and Pacific Islands Level 1 Travel Alert reissued by the CDC regarding dengue outbreaks