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airplane in the sky
Airline passenger quarantines fail the test of proportionality, a key principle of EU law
FDA approved Artesunate for injection to treat severe malaria in adult and pediatric patients
ski lift
National Ski Area Association suggests ski lifts are safe places from virus transmission
peru dancers celebrating
Peru confronts Coronavirus and Dengue outbreaks
footprints in the sand
Alaska Airlines supports Malama Hawaii programs
united jet
Coronavirus pre-flight testing required by certain countries
young boy in the DRC
No Ebola cases were reported among vaccinated health workers during the 11th outbreak
passports on a table
TSA technology identifies fraudulent IDs at checkpoints and automatically verifies traveler passenger identification
young african children in village
Inactivated polio vaccine is given in the USA
woman on beach celebrating the sun
Caribbean Travelers Health Assurance stamp for Healthier Safer Tourism identifies trusted health monitoring and safety measures