State Dept Travel Advisory - Level 3

Evacuation Order Issued for Americans in Venezuela

State Department issued Level 3 Travel Advisory strongly advising Americans to depart Venezuela
airplane commercial evacuating people
Venezuela (Vax Before Travel)

The US State Department has ordered non-emergency U.S. government employees to depart the South American country of Venezuela on January 24, 2019. 

This Level 3 Travel Advisory said U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Venezuela should strongly consider departing Venezuela. 

And, this Travel Advisory said the U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens throughout Venezuela. 

The US Embassy staff in the capital city of Caracas, which is located in the north of Venezuela, may have limited access to detained Americans.   

Detained U.S. citizens who also have Venezuelan nationality are severely restricted by the Venezuelan government and the U.S. Embassy may not receive access in these cases. 

For all inquiries regarding this Advisory, the email address is [email protected] or call +58 (212) 975-6411. 

Americans in Venezuela should take the following actions:

  • Consider departing while commercial flights are available,
  • If choosing to stay, ensure you have adequate supplies to shelter in place,
  • Monitor local media for updates,
  • Review personal security plans,
  • Remain aware of surroundings.

Additionally, the State Department has issued Level 4 Travel Advisory, Do Not Travel, for the following areas:

  • On roads after dark outside of Caracas due to crime.
  • To certain neighborhoods within Caracas due to crime.
  • Within 50 miles of the Colombian border due to crime. Armed groups are active in the Colombian border states of Zulia, Tachira, and Apure.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Level 3 ‘Avoid Nonessential Travel’ notice on May 15, 2018, due to inadequate healthcare and the breakdown of the medical infrastructure in Venezuela. 

The CDC’s Travel Alert said ‘there are shortages of food, electricity, water, medicine, and medical supplies throughout much of Venezuela.’ 

And, the August 2018 Level 3 Travel Alert said ‘Venezuela is experiencing outbreaks of infectious diseases, and adequate health care is currently not available in most of the country.’