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Will Miami Require Dengue Vaccination?

March 18, 2023 • 3:01 pm CDT
Miami International Airport March 2023
(Vax Before Travel)

The Florida Health Department recently reported there had been 39 travel-associated dengue cases as of March 11, 2023. And in 2022, 903 travel-associated dengue cases were confirmed, primarily focusing on south Florida.

Since Miami, Florida is a significant destination for many southern hemisphere travelers, updated research is helping identify where these dengue-infected visitors originate.

In 2022, of the total of cases reported in the Pan American Health Region (PAHO) was 1,370,072.

The highest number of severe dengue cases reported by the PAHO was in Brazil, with 1,450 cases (31.5%), Colombia with 1,371 cases (29.8%), Honduras 436 cases (9.5%), Mexico with 410 cases (8.9%), and the Dominican Republic 279 with cases (6.1%).

With the increased access to dengue prevention vaccines such as Qdenga® in Brazil, an unanswered question is whether Miami should require proof of vaccination before visiting.

While the recent pandemic generated much debate about vaccination requirements, over 30 PAHO countries continue requiring yellow fever vaccination verification before visiting in March 2023.

With Miami International Airport's (MIA) record-breaking growth carrying into 2023, the airport is expecting its busiest spring break travel season.

Passenger totals at MIA in January and February 2023 were all-time highs for those months, with February bringing in a total of 4.1 million passengers. 

According to aviation analytics provider Cirium, MIA is the fastest-growing U.S. airport in airline seats compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Overall, the U.S. TSA recently reported a slight increase in air passenger screening at airports in the U.S. as compared with 2019 activity.