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 / April 1st, 2023

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Mar 31 • 3:20 pm CDT
The Region of the Americas has seen a significant surge in dengue cases and, in 2023, “is showing intense dengue transmission,” stated the World Health Organization on March 23, 2023. By early March 2023, 342,243 dengue... READ →
Mar 31 • 7:32 am CDT
NSW Health today announced a Western Sydney infant infectious with measles spent time in locations in Parramatta and Westmead on March 27, 2023. The infant, too young to be vaccinated against measles, acquired the infection in... READ →
Mar 30 • 3:57 pm CDT
The Republic of Chile Ministry of Health today announced the first case of bird flu in humans. Reported from northern Chile, the 53-year-old man is in stable condition. The avian influenza source of contact is being... READ →
Mar 29 • 2:52 pm CDT
With the new slogan "health for all, everyone's task," Equatorial Guinea Health intends to involve the entire population in the surveillance of the Marburg virus, reported . A new action plan will require passengers, especially... READ →
Mar 29 • 2:43 am CDT
The World Health Organization (WHO) today announced it had certified the countries of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan for eliminating malaria in their territories. The certification follows the two countries' sustained, century-long effort to stamp out this vaccine-preventable... READ →

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