Visiting The Bahamas is Easier in 2023

The Bahamas expands flight options
The Berry Islands
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Nassau (Vax Before Travel)

There's no better time to visit The Bahamas than during the winter of 2023, says The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. It offers a quick and easy way for travelers to escape their everyday. 

As temperatures drop in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun keeps shining brightly on the archipelago with over 700 islands and cays.

Located only 50 miles off the east coast of Florida, the Berry Islands has expanded its arrival options for 2023.

Two things are required when visiting any of the 30 Cays in the Berry Islands: a boat and a love of water. 

On December 16, 2022, The Bahamas officially opened its newest international airport, Great Harbour Cay Airport.

Air carriers Aztec Airways, Tropic Ocean Airways, and Makers Air all offer flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Additionally, beginning in spring 2023, visitors can easily reach the white sand beaches of The Bahamas with nonstop daily flights from LaGuardia Airport to Lynden Pindling International Airport.

In addition to eliminating the mandatory Bahamas Travel Health Visa, the Government of The Bahamas announced in June 2022 that fully vaccinated air travelers were no longer required to submit to pre-travel testing to land.

And according to a staff reporter of the Bahmanian news online agency The Tribune, Health, and Wellness Minister, Dr Michael Darville, indicated on January 4, 2023, the Bahamian government currently has no plans to impose coronavirus testing requirements for travelers coming from China.

Furthermore, as of January 8, 2023, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website says there are no travel notices currently in effect for The Bahamas.

But, visitors to The Bahamas should be fully vaccinated against various travel diseases.

Moreover, if a visa is required, the purpose of your intended travel and other facts will determine what type of visa is required under U.S. immigration law.

If U.S. citizens need assistance, the U.S. Embassy in Nassau is located at 42 Queen St., Nassau, the Bahamas; phone: 242-322-1181.

Disclosures: The data for this article was sourced from Th Bahamas and U.S. governments, and is not paid content.

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