New York Visitors Greeted With Quarantine

Israel visitors subject to quarantine ordinances
quarantine sign due to covid-19
Israel (Vax Before Travel)

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic continues to impact international travelers, especially when visiting Israel.

According to media reports, Israeli’s cabinet approved emergency ordinances on April 12, 2020, requiring all people arriving in Israel from overseas to be housed at state-run quarantine hotels for 14-days. 

And, these new ordinances are now in effect, said the Times of Israel on April 14th.

As an example, when 158 passengers on a United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey landed in Israel, they were greeted by personnel from the Home Front Command, Magen David Adom emergency services and police.

These staffers performed medical checks on the arrivals, then watched their interactions with family at the airport, barring any contact beyond elbow bumps.

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms was sent to a local hospital and those with chronic medical conditions sent to home isolation. 

The remaining arrivals were sent to a quarantined hotel in Jerusalem for a 14-day stay.

These quarantine rules are based on new data.

According to data from the Israel based Corona National Information and Knowledge Center, approximately one-third of infections in Israel are in people who have returned from abroad.

Arrivals from the US accounted for far more of Israel’s foreign coronavirus infections than any other country, the Health Ministry said.

Forty percent of arrivals to Israel were infected abroad, over 560 cases, were travelers from the USA.

The North American total included 573 infections, with over 99 percent of those coming from the USA, the Health Ministry said in an epidemiological report, without providing an exact number.

Furthermore, this new report noted that many of those coronavirus cases were people traveling from the greater New York area.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, the Government of the State of Israel approved new emergency restrictions on going out in public, in order to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Permission to go out in public is permissible only for a short time and up to 100 meters from a person’s residence.

The Government has also decided to extend the emergency regulations to limit the number of workers in the workplace and to extend the vacation leave agreement applied to the public sector.

According to media figures, there have been 126 fatalities related to COVID-19 disease in Israel during 2020.

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