Rabies Vaccines

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September 3, 2021

Rabies Vaccines

Rabies vaccines are used to prevent rabies, which can be a fatal disease. There are several rabies vaccines available worldwide that are both safe and effective. Rabies vaccines can be used to prevent rabies before and for a period of time after exposure to the rabies virus, which is commonly caused by a dog or a bat bite.

Unlike the conventional, inactivated rabies vaccine, live-attenuated viruses are genetically modified viruses that can replicate in an inoculated recipient without causing adverse effects while still eliciting robust and effective immune responses against rabies virus infection.

Rabies Vaccines - Approved

Chirorab, previously known as Rabipur, is an inactivated rabies virus of the strain Flury LEP. Chiron Behring Vaccines is re-launching Rabipur, a purified chick embryo cell vaccine. It will continue to be manufactured at its WHO pre-qualified facility in Ankleshwar Gujarat, India.

Imovax Rabies is an inactivated vaccine made from an attenuated rabies virus. It is a sterile, stable, freeze-dried suspension of Rabies Vaccine Inactivated virus prepared from WISTAR Rabies PM/WI 38 1503-3M strain.

RabAvert is a vaccine that contains an inactivated rabies antigen. Bavarian Nordic's RabAvert vaccine is indicated for preexposure vaccination, primary and booster doses, and postexposure prophylaxis against rabies in all age groups.

Rabivax-S is a lyophilized vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd., containing inactivated purified rabies antigen. Rabivax-S has been developed on Vero ATCC CCL81 cells using the Pitman Moore strain. It is an inactivated vaccine that is freeze-dried until ready for immunization.

Rabies Vaccine News

February 26, 2021 - The U.S. CDC’s ACIP Committee voted during a digital meeting to reduce the recommendation for rabies PrEP to a two-dose vaccine schedule, aligning with international guidance. The WHO also recommends a two-dose vaccination schedule.

February 13, 2021 - Researchers found an existing rabies treatment known as KEDRAB to be safe and effective for patients aged 17 and under. This study demonstrates that HRIG150 is well tolerated and effective in pediatric patients as a PEP component. This study is the first to establish pediatric safety and efficacy of HRIG in the US to the authors' knowledge.

February 6, 2021 - The Lancet published an editorial: Time to revise the Gavi funding strategy of rabies vaccine? 'In the long term, however, eliminating almost all human rabies could only be achieved by comprehensive vaccination of stray dogs.'

January 27, 2021 - The South Padre Island Animal Control Division city assisted the Texas Department of State Health Services Zoonosis Control Division with the Oral Rabies Vaccination Program. The city said the program aims to reduce the dog strain of rabies carried by coyotes in Texas. Vaccination for rabies will be distributed around the city in non-populated areas that may attract coyotes.